Contest Rules

There will be two competition days which the first competition is Today. On each day contestants will be given three tasks to complete in five hours, and each competitor has their own workstation.
Please make sure you don’t carry watches of any type or snacks to the contest venue. Exceptions could be made by the IC for students with special dietary limitations.

Contestants can submit up to 50 solutions for each task. Testing Interface has some updates comparing to the previous years.
There will be a two-hour practice competition prior to the first competition day. This will help contestants become familiar with the contest venue and the grading system.

In order to protect the confidentiality of competition tasks, any direct or indirect communication between contestants and team delegates is prohibited from the moment competition tasks are disclosed at GA meeting. This limitation will apply to both contests and will last until the end of each 5-hour contest.

You can see the complete contest rules at this page.